Teacher Training Project


Story & Background

Talk about how the government put out new guidelines, how many teachers in rural areas are not properly qualified, and how Malawi's teacher listings take up 2% of global.

Through our conversations with students and community members, we discovered that one of the primary barriers for students in receiving a quality education is under qualified teachers. Test scores in subjects with poorly trained teachers were significantly lower than those in subjects with qualified teachers.

Theory of Change

Teachers are the main resource that students in the community have access to. If they are more prepared and trained for helping advance the students’ goals, then they can provide the sorts of education and knowledge and skill building that can prepare the next generation of leaders of Malawi.


The Teacher Training Project (TTP) equips community leaders with the skills and tools they need to provide a quality academic environment in order to promote high student achievement, and educate teachers to educate the next generation.


  • Story Time plans to bring in experienced professionals to conduct teacher workshops and to also create a teacher accountability network to promote the clear transfer of subject materials among teachers.

Desired Impacts

  • Teachers feel more qualified, students feel more supported.
  • More students achieve better scores on exams and better grades.
  • Higher MSCE scores overall for the school.


The Teacher Training Project focuses on the following initiatives:

  • Teacher training workshops, conducted with government and training experts.
  • Trainings for library and media lab upkeep.

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