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Women’s Empowerment

Support young women through mentorship, skill-building, facilities-building, and health supplies. Donate $50 or more to receive a copy of Her Story, and read the stories of the young women at our partner school.

General Donation

By making a General Donation, you maintain administrative and mid-level operations and provide the security to keep Malawi-based programs running, even in cases of crisis and limited funding.

Advanced Sponsorship

Aims to make education more accessible to sponsored students that lack basic school materials.

Library & Teacher Training Project

Equip community leaders with the skills and tools they need to provide a quality academic environment in order to promote high student achievement.


Women's Empowerment Project

Strives to reduce the barriers for women and girls in receiving education and to assist them in actualizing their full potential in order to advance the community as a whole. 


Every Bit Counts.

Every contribution, no matter how small, will make live-changing differences in the lives of young Malawians. Click the button below to hear Emily's (pictured right) story, see the campaign-in-progress, and learn about how even small donation will make a difference. Every Bit Count donations go towards the Advanced Sponsorship Project, providing holistic support to students who are identified as being in critical need of dropping out.