School Materials Project


Story & Background

Story that Aaron tells about girl who was turned away for not having a notebook.

Students are often not allowed to attend class without these (backpacks, notebooks, and writing utensils) supplies. These students are able to afford their school fees, but may need extra help in paying for basic school supplies.

Theory of Change

In some cases, one material possession can separate a child from getting their education.


The School Materials Project (SMP) aims to make education more accessible for students that lack basic school materials such as backpacks, notebooks, and writing utensils.


  • We strive to provide these basic materials to students so that they are able to go to school every day, and so that they don’t drop out of school simply because they can’t afford a notebook.

Criteria of success

Young women are able to pass down knowledge, skills, and materials to younger women who are going through the same struggle.


The School Materials Project focuses on identifying students’ needs on a case-by-case basis, as some students can afford some items and not others. Tailored support means that every case is different, however this project's initiatives can be summed up in three categories:

  • School supplies, including notebooks, writing utencils, uniforms, and backpacks.

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