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This Girl’s Story Will Give You Hope Today

This Girl’s Story Will Give You Hope Today

A few weeks ago, we covered the Youth Bubble in another blog post. We suggest reading it first, if you haven’t already, to provide context for the following story. This week, we’re sharing a story that illustrates the dire need for change in the way young people without resources, such as those from rural areas like our partner school, are facing a challenging future.

One Girl's Journey: From Periods to Empowerment

In this Short Story, Cynthia, one of the young women in Malawi who is a part of the Women's Empowerment Project (WEP), shares her thoughts on school, goals, and what it means to be a girl. Cynthia is 16, and in Form 3 (Junior year). She has 3 siblings and lives with her two parents. Her favorite subject is Biology. When she grows up, she wants to become a nurse because she has a desire to help people.

Vera Takes on the World

Vera is a Form 4 (Senior) at Nsondole Community Day Secondary School. Her favorite subjects are math, geography, and biology. She feels she is an important member of the community because people in her community see her as an educated person who can give back. As a female, Vera doesn't have many role models. She hopes to complete her education and start giving back to her community soon.