Women's Empowerment Project


Story & Background

One of the largest contributors to diminished success in education for women in developing nations is a lack of access to sanitary pads. Women and girls are at an increased risk of missing school due to an inability to effectively manage their menstrual cycles.

As a result of this project, attendance of girls at the school went from 40-60% to 100% within the first year of this project’s implementation. Since 2013, enrollment of female students has doubled. We have been able to achieve this progress with a small budget of only $100/month.

Theory of Change

When girls have the ability and knowledge to care for their health throughout the month, attendance per girl will increase, more girls will enroll, and girls can build community/mentorship through the knowledge and power in caring for one’s self.


The Women’s Empowerment Project (WEP) strives to reduce the barriers for women and girls in receiving education and to assist them in actualizing their full potential in order to advance the community as a whole.

Desired Impacts

  • More girls attend school 100% of the class days
  • More girls enroll
  • More girls graduate

Criteria of success

Young women are able to pass down knowledge, skills, and materials to younger women who are going through the same struggle.


The Women's Empowerment Project focuses on three main initiatives:

  • Disposable sanitary pads, Reusable sanitary pads
  • Workshops
  • Facilities like toilet and girl's dorm

To learn more about how to contribute to the Women's Empowerment Project, visit the Donate page, where you will find specific information about our current campaigns for projects that are most-in-need.