Story Time works with the community around Nsondole Community Day Secondary School, located about 5 miles east of Zomba, Malawi.


Make a difference

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the Warm Heart Of Africa

Since its establishment in 2013, Story Time has been working in the warm heart of Africa: Malawi. Malawi is considered the warm heart of Africa because of its welcoming people, despite facing many challenges related to extensive poverty.

It is a landlocked country bordered by Mozambique to the south and west, Zambia to the east, and Tanzania to the north. According to the World Bank, Malawi has an estimated population of 17.2 million inhabitants as of 2015, with poverty increasing in rural areas, where 84% of the population lives, compared to urban areas. 2010 statistics show that only 17.3% of the urban population of Malawi lives in poverty, while the rural rate is at 56.6%



our partner school

Our current work focuses on cultivating relationships at a single high school in Malawi. Nsondole Community Day Secondary School (CDSS), our partner school, has existed for the past fifteen years. In that time, no students have been accepted for post-secondary opportunities, such as college or vocational training.

Community leaders have informed us that Nsondole CDSS, like other CDSS’s around Malawi, is at a greater disadvantage due to being located in a rural area. These schools often lack the academic resources, qualified teachers, and proper infrastructure required to compete at a national level.

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