How Small Investments Make Big Impacts

Story Time is an international non-profit organization whose focus is to increase the quality and availability of secondary education for students in Malawi, Africa. Story Time works with highly motivated and committed volunteers, donors, and both government and non-government organizations to decrease poverty through empowering community driven innovations that combat educational adversity. We have vast experience in researching, designing, implementing, and assessing education and community empowerment programs.

Story Time is a registered non-government organization in the United States (501c3, 2013) and Malawi (NGO Board and CONGOMA, 2016).

Girl's Attendance

Before 2013, girl's attendance rates were between 40-60%. Since Story Time's involvement in 2013, girl's attendance rates have been near 100%! The Women's Empowerment Project is growing and shaping the future of young women every day. Click below to learn more about the WEP.

girl's Enrollment

Within Story Time's first year of partnership with Nsondole CDSS, girl's enrollment jumped from 60 enrolled young women, to 120. Click below to learn more about how we work with our partner school.

Student Sponsorship

Students sponsored by Story Time - which range from 20 to 30 students each year - are supported by on-site staff throughout their program. As a result, we've seen 100% of our students advance to the next grade from the last academic year to this year.