Advanced Sponsorship Project

The Advanced Sponsorship Project (ASP) seeks to make education more accessible to sponsored students that lack basic school materials. Some students require additional assistance in accessing basic supplies. While the SSP matches a limited number of donors with students, the ASP allows anyone to donate any amount. These funds are used to provide extra support to the sponsored students that need it, paying for room and board fees for those in testing grades. We hope to expand this project to include uniforms, shoes, backpacks, hygiene products, school materials, and pocket money for students sponsored through Story Time.

Please note that this project differs from the School Materials Project (SMP). The ASP applies to the most at risk students at Nsondole, and those who are already sponsored through the SSP. The SMP supports students who are not sponsored through Story Time. These students are able to afford their school fees, but may need extra help in paying for basic school supplies.